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Hospital de Benasque

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Hospital de Benasque
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Latitud: 42.68394
Longitud: 0,612119
Altitud: 1747m.

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We are located in the Hospital de Benasque which is located at the end of the valley. The “Hospital” is at walking distance from its port which has been relocated throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries to different locations due to recurrent avalanches until its current location dating back to 1875. Throughout the twentieth century the Hospital at the bottom of the port, was headquarters to the Republican troops during the Glorious Revolution, also a refuge for police, hunters, traders and finally for mountaineers who began to explore and conquer the peaks in the valley.

In 2006 was
established the Hospital de Benasque Foundation and the mission is: research, study, restoration, promotion and enhancement of artistic, cultural, ethnological and natural heritage in the Pyrenees.
The purpose of the LIBRARY is to collect, catalog and disseminate all publications of which the main theme is the Pyrenees from different points of view. It has more than 9000 documents in both paper and digital format, a large collection of photographs, prints, postcards, lithographs and cartography from the XVI century. It addition it holds over a 1600 lithographs, 800 crystal stereoscopics, 12,000 old postcards and a collection of vintage Iberian, Roman and medieval coins from across the Community of Aragon.

It also has the ability to organize cultural events related to the Pyrenees.

There is an exhibition room inside explaining the history of the Hospitales. It was in the medieval era when these hospitales (inns) were built to house travelers and pilgrims who crossed the Pyrenees.
In the beginning monks were dedicated to serving and assisting travellers, offering a free service based on the Christian faith, but it was not until the sixteenth century, when this changed and a payment was charged. The location of the Hospital de Benasque changed five times.

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